Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Sleep On These MC's!!!

     So, I said I would give you a blog about some newer MC's that I am currently listening to & that's what this blog will consist of. Now when I use the term "newer" MC's that doesn't mean these artists haven't been around for a minute, or put in any less work than some seasoned vets, it just means they don't have as much recognition as they deserve for one and or only a few releases out.
     Let's start with Frisco, Frisco has been the bay area hip hop mecca since the early days, producing a ton of talented artists. These cats are following the same path.... DREGS ONE: this cat is a hard worker putting out project after project & the group he is a part of GAS MASK COLONY are all beasts on the mic!! DREGS ONE'S newest release "the wake up call mixtape" is one of the most uplifting, thought provoking and real pieces of work i've heard to date. PATIENCE: this guy you can almost compare to NAS as far as lyrics & flow. His first release "chariot to the sun" is a just a glimpse of what this man has to offer & is back to back heat. BIG VIC: this dude I actually just heard of about a week ago and from what i've heard of him he is a monster! I am highly anticipating his future releases.
      P.W. ESQUIRE: this man as far as I know is fairly new as an artist but has put out quite a few projects and is a real dope MC, check for "the focus" as well as countless mixtapes he's put out or been featured on.
      DON LADIN: again, as far as I know he is a fairly new artist that from what i've heard him on is super dope. AGENTSTRIKNINE: wow, what to say about him?? well, he is a savage on the mic & as far as I know he only has released "nine ether" & I cant wait for some music from him! best word to describe him is "raw". TOAST: maaaaaan these are some crazy chicks!!! I like em though & think they are a couple of bad ass chicks who like to have fun.
       BOOM & JFAME: A couple of dope artists that I just recently got turned on to & am expecting good things from, they are some talented cats & put on a good live set.
        B-LINE, TABB DOE, & all of the solidarity camp has alot of good music to offer. B-LINE'S song "substance abuse" hits home with me.

    Well, not necessarily an amusing blog but informative I hope!! there is a ton more talent coming out of frisco that I didn't have the time or patience to write about so I will make this a 2 parter & maybe once a week I will feature a new city of newer talented artists that I listen to & reccomend because my opinion is the shit!! shout out to all the above artist & I hope I did you guys justice!!

Steven "hungry" Deeny


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Give Cali their props!!

      So, I was watching the 'behind the music" on ICE CUBE today & it got me thinking how influentual the hip hop scene in L.A. is. Artists like N.W.A., KING TEE, THA ALKOHOLIKS, CYPRESS HILL, DILATED PEOPLES, ACEYALONE, ELIGH, MURS, ICE-T etc. the diversity & power that comes from these MC's is amazing!! The list could go on & on of great MC's that L.A. has to offer.
    I remmeber being a kid & listening to "death certificate" and thinking it was the dopest thing I had ever heard, as with albums like "doggystyle" & "21 & over" later on.
     The music that came from the L.A. scene raised me, along with our local bay area hip hop. Los Angeles deserves more credit than it is given by the hip hop world! And don't even get me started on how much credit is owed to our northen cali MC'S!!!
      Artists like LIVING LEGENDS, HIERO, BORED STIFF, MAC DRE, 40, JT THE BIGGA FIGGA, LIL B ( NAAAH I'M JUST PLAYING!! LOL) SPICE 1, MAC MALL, N2DEEP, E.O.C., I.M.P., ZION I etc. paved the way for alot of underground  MC's!! If I didn't grow up listening to all of these artists music as well with countless others, I don't know who I would be today!!
       So, with all that being said I would like to personally thank the California hip hop artists that have influenced my life and continue to do so on a daily basis!! There is also a ton of "newer" artists from cali that deserve their props to but I plan on doing a seperate blog about them to give the readers (that I hopefully get) a full list of MC's that are puttin in work & deserve to be heard!

   Well, I hope yall like my first stab at this blog thing & hope to get yopu as followers!!